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Business growth through a strategy-driven performance-oriented culture


The challenge

A well-known traditional broking firm having a strong local presence but stagnated growth due to stiff competition from the rise in new tech-driven discount broking firms. They were finding difficulty in hiring the right talent for key managerial positions to drive various business segments, which led to the promoter firefighting day-to-day operational issues and not focusing on the overall growth drivers for the organization. Also, there were data gaps with respect to measuring the performance of various departments in the firm on a consistent basis. The firm also required new branding to more appeal and connect with the younger generation and attract new talent.


Man - years of experience


Projects completed




Designed org structure

Optimized HR function

Identified sales growth drivers

Designed To-Be organization structure and defined clear R&R for the existing organization, with departmental KPIs to measure their performance

 Identified and filled the key open positions by sourcing the right talent, defined and created robust recruitment process to improve the speed on closure of open positions

Defined sales target for the sales team, designed and implemented a sales incentive policy for the entire team and initiated a sales review process to monitor the sales performance of the team, supported the rebranding of the brand identity of the firm.

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